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[movies]Another Someday (mov) - Aleksandr Kheyfets
16mm bolex short film, Prague 2004
Keywords: prague tram 16mm
Downloads: 252
[movies]Death and the Patient - A.Kheyfets
16mm short film, Prague 2005
Keywords: 16mm; surreal
Downloads: 297
[movies]Frenzy - Oliver Smith
Frenzy is an experimental film made by transfering images directly to blank 16mm stock.
Keywords: experimental; film; 16mm
Downloads: 525
[movies]v.r.o. - jvo
a world full of concrete. a trapped rabbit. some plants. 16mm b/w digitalised
Keywords: stoptrick; 16 mm
Downloads: 34
uncompressed to wmv test
Keywords: uncompressed; cinema; 16mm
Downloads: 464
[movies]16mm DVD - Ralph Halverson Barbara Lee
Halverson-Lee Home movies from 16mm film dating from 1955 - 1960.Includes  music video clips made by conversion company.
Keywords: 16mm Pensacola
Downloads: 21
[audio]My noisy Bolex
For those who are interesed to know how loud a Bolex (a very famous 16mm filmcamera) is, here is a sound-snippet. Do you hear it? Headphones recommended, but BE CAREFUL! IT'S A VERY DYNAMIC SOUNDFILE!
Keywords: Bolex; 16mm
Downloads: 102
[movies]Book of Dreams - Phil Costa Cummins
An oneiric flight over past memoroies; Old Photographs and 16mm film
Keywords: experimental; 16mm; photographs
Downloads: 231
[movies]Overinfant - Jonny-No!
Experimental 16mm
Keywords: experimental; 16mm, film
Downloads: 394 2.00 out of 5 stars2.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]The Casale Tapes 1955-1977 - Florencio Casale
These family home movies were shot by my grandfather Florencio Casale from 1955 to 1977 using a 16 mm film camera. They were stored and remained unnoticed for 30 years. Now the films have been digitized and encoded using MPEG4 compression, and finally uploaded here for preservation. They're published under a Creative Commons BY 2.5 license, so if you want to use them you just have to attribute them to Florencio Casale...
Keywords: 16mm; argentina; buenosaires
Downloads: 680
[movies]Another Someday - A.Kheyfets
short independent film, 16mm Bolex, Prague 2004
Keywords: 16mm; bolex; B/W
Downloads: 199
[movies]Facts About Projection - Robert Edmonds
An old-timey set-up & projection techniques film, set in a school classroom. This film teaches the young projectionist how to put on a good show, and not trip over the cord while doing so.
Keywords: projector; 16mm; Bell & Howell
Downloads: 6,768 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[movies]Capitol Compression - Jed Smith and Brad Hutchinson
A short 16mm film shot and edited by Jed Smith and Brad Hutchinson, done for the "2x2" assignment in the Mediaworks program at the Evergreen state college. A variety of direct animation was performed during the edit process, including bleaching, overlay of cut-out gels, hole-punching, reversal of clips, and many others.
Keywords: 16mm experimental video mediaworks direct animation
Downloads: 229
[movies]Koan of Sisyphus - Raymond Salvatore Harmon
Screening as part of the Heaven Gallery Winter Screening - February 17th, Chicago. Shown as part of the SIDEWALK CINEMA showcase, Chicago IL - Friday, May 11 - 2001 "A collage of loops made from found footage of steam shovels, trains chugging up mountainsides, and various scenes of hard physical labor in industrial settings, all colored a garish red. A layer of marks, like red snow, drifts across the screen...
Keywords: experimental; 16mm film; avant garde performance
Downloads: 563
[movies]Shadow Boxing - Darrin Bragg, Michael Burke, Mike Peterson

Keywords: 16mm; B&W; silent; drama; boxing
Downloads: 578
[movies]Aanloopstroken van 8mm films en countdowns van 16mm films
Aanloopstroken van 8mm films en countdowns van 16mm films
Keywords: aanloopstrook; countdown; 8mm; 16mm; film
Downloads: 4,645 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]The Eye Within - Michael A. Carter
How a nonobjective fine art oil painting was made is the subject of a movie by the painter himself. Everything in the painting was made to look like something. It was copied from another oil painting by the artist where everything in that one was made NOT to look like anything. The movie was shot on 16mm color negative 500T movie film with two different bolex cameras, a H16-T and a H16-RX-1. The RX-1 died during the shoot...
Keywords: 16mm; studiocarter; carter; oil_painting; painting
Downloads: 557
[image]Instructions for using the B&H Film Cleaner - Bell & Howell
This is a scan of an owner's manual for Bell & Howell Film Cleaner. This device would be attached to the front of a projector to clean the film as it comes off the reel.
Keywords: B&H Film Cleaner; Bell & Howell Film Cleaner; 16mm film; 16mm projector; user manual
Downloads: 194
[movies]untitled - sd hurley
my dad shot 16mm of me as a kid, that was nice of him. here are someof those images digitized and set to sin ropas' music. their music sounds like nostalgia to me.
Keywords: sean hurley; sin ropas; 16mm home movie
Downloads: 77
[movies]Cucinema al T_nello - cucinema
A Luglio del 2005. Primo storico Cucinema in un luogo storico, il T_nello di Genzano. Già presente tutto lo spirito dei cucinema successivi. Nato dal ricettacolo del Neccio, il Cucinema è presto decollato all'insegna del contagio e del testimone che passa di mano in mano. Ogni ricetta del Neccio ha un colore, e il cucinema è l'estasi dei colori.
Keywords: cucinema; animazione; experimental; expanded cinema; 16mm; 35mm
Downloads: 20
[movies]Jon Lybrook's Chronosynthesis - Act Two of Three - Jon Lybrook
Part Two of a Three Part epic college senior project film by Jon Lybrook. Experimental in nature, 16mm film segments were spooled together in a stream of consciousness.
Keywords: Jon Lybrook; Chronosynthesis; 16mm; Experimental Film; 1989
Downloads: 24
[movies]Half Dead Organs Crossing - Jed Smith
Half Dead Organs Crossing was created by me and Tristram McDermott for the "Place Evoking Memory" project, the final assignment for the first half of Winter Quarter, in which we worked with film, oh glorious film. In this project, however, we did not work with film, but a telecined transfer of our beautious film into pooquality 720x480 digital video. This pooquality was made slightly better than other regular DV by the fact that this footage was telecined...
Keywords: mediaworks; half dead organs crossing; 16mm film
Downloads: 200
[movies]Cause For Concern - Josh Wolf
A student film I made at SF-State
Keywords: 16mm; student film; silent; film noir; short
Downloads: 286 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]02:15:04:25 - d/evil
Experimental 16mm short exploring the body, self-image, desire and motion amongst other things. Filmed on 2 antique Bolex cameras (1 reflex, 1 not), hand-developed in an old morse tank, tele-cined to DV via a delapidated projector and edited/sound-mixed digitally.
Keywords: body; exquisite corpse; 16mm; bolex; experimental; short; d/evil
Downloads: 439
[movies]Paige&Steve - Richard T K Hawke
Experimental ethnography depicting a couples esurient relationship. Tension created by insatiable attention, self-indulgence and their intemperate love for one-another created divisions in their parallel dreams - in the end seeing only themselves. Male Subject's Poem: Trapped trying to make our desires a reality I have become untrue to myself the world seems skewed -over exaggerated we have become disconnected we have become distant lonely, angry, and helpless all i see is myself all i see, is m...
Keywords: Experimental; Ethnography; Esurient; Relationship; Dream Sequence; Tension; 16mm; faction
Downloads: 534
[movies]City Apt Mom - Peter Westenberg
A short portrait of my mother in / and her apartment in the centre of Rotterdam. 
Keywords: open soure movie; 16mm; Blak and white; family
Downloads: 4
[movies]Seen, Not Said - Brook Hinton
We had many parties, and spoke often of parties past.What remains of them for each of us is something else. Episode 6 of Brook Hinton's found footage "seance" series, Trace Garden.
Keywords: parties; 16mm; found footage; experimental film; home movies; romance
Downloads: 580
[movies]Film Crisis - Andries Menko
Nothing is going right on the set of "Gender Crisis!" The script is half gone and people are losing their minds. Can the director salvage his film before everyone abandons him?
Keywords: menko; mpi; comedy; 16mm; short; documentary; zeebone.com; improv
Downloads: 331
[movies]Memory of a Memory Remembered
Episode 10 of Brook Hinton's found footage "seance" series, Trace Garden. Original media source files have been corrected.
Keywords: 16mm; memory; ghosts; found footage; home movies; experimental film
Downloads: 405
[movies]Reliquary of Light - Raymond Salvatore Harmon
Reliquary of Light is a brief interlude of experimental form. Discarded as unviewable it is a short piece of film shot at the wrong speed, giving the viewer a soft wash of tone and shape.
Keywords: occult, experimental, film, 16mm, avant garde, sex, porn, abstract
Downloads: 2,660
[movies]Colorform - Raymond Salvatore Harmon
A shifting miasma of white in a a darkened place. The inverse of reality explained as the cosmic oracle.
Keywords: occult, experimental, film, 16mm, avant garde, sex, porn, abstract
Downloads: 2,642 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Secrets - Raymond Salvatore Harmon
Color form and movement made out of a spanking session.
Keywords: occult, experimental, film, 16mm, avant garde, sex, porn, abstract
Downloads: 3,833 2.50 out of 5 stars2.50 out of 5 stars2.50 out of 5 stars(5 reviews)
[movies]H-TOWN - d/evil
Experimental short made as my alternative 'postcard' from the ugly/beautiful town of Hastings.... wish you were here?
Keywords: experimental; short; bolex; hastings; postcard; surreal; art; 16mm
Downloads: 224
[movies]Redlight - Raymond Salvatore Harmon
The sublime leading the way through the dark stillness of a full moon evening.
Keywords: occult, experimental, film, 16mm, avant garde, sex, porn, abstract
Downloads: 2,637
Cuando los sueños se desvelán en imagenes: Reverie(ensueño). http://uncafecondios.blogspot.com
Keywords: axel dettoni; cortometraje; reverie; ensueño; cine 16mm
Downloads: 632
[movies]A Brother For Susan (16mm British Sex Ed Film) - Southalls (Birmingham) Ltd.
A British Sex Ed film about Susan, a young girl who's parents are expecting a son. The film uses this scenario to lecture Susan indirectly about everything from the proper behavior of a young girl, to lessons on reproductions, and the kind of behavior expected from her as the daughter to expectant parents, and as a future sibling to her brother. Lots of very sexist moments, and bad behavior by the Dad, such as making Susan do his chores.
Keywords: british; sex education; educational film; 16mm; ephemeral film
Downloads: 66
[movies]APOLLO 11 16MM ONBOARD FILM - NASA/Johnson Space Center
Film taken includes scenes taken out Lunar Module (LM) window documenting lunar surface Extravehicular Activity (EVA) and LM ascent, rendezvous and maneuver for docking during lunar orbit. Also includes views from the Lunar Module (LM) during descent and landing on moon, Neil Armstrong descending to lunar surface, scenes out LM window during ascent and approach with CSM.
Keywords: What -- Apollo 11; space; nasa; Apollo 11; 16MM
Downloads: 263,850
[movies]3000miles/5000k - Brett and Shelley Gaylor
A road movie across Canada
Keywords: Brett; Shelley; road; movie; super8; 16mm; timelapse
Downloads: 302
[movies]Klipperty Klopp - Andrew Kotting
This film was screened at an OMSK event that took place in November 1996 in London.
Keywords: Andrew Kotting; 1996.11_OMSK; landscape; performance; 16 mm
Downloads: 11
[movies]Attach 16mm Cartridge to Mekel Scanner - Jason Berland
Video demo on how to attach 16 mm cartridge to scanner
Keywords: microfilm; crowley; Mekel; scan; scanner; reel; reels; quantumscan; 16 mm; 16 millimeter; 35mm
Downloads: 56
[movies]Audio/Video Research - KiNoK
Audio/Video Research, sperimentazione dei linguaggi multimediali e nascita di un'opera dalla fusione di entità preesistenti, ma che acquistano nuovo significato perché analizzate da un'altro punto di vista. .
Keywords: 16mm; projector; KiNoK; cogwheelz; Roni Size & Reprazent; Italian University; live media performance
Downloads: 70
[movies]staticerosion - Raymond Salvatore Harmon
Organic tapestries of decaying matter dissolve time as flowers bloom and erosion becomes the birth of complex compositions.
Keywords: experimental, avant garde; film, 16mm, raymond harmon; flowers, decay, organic
Downloads: 765 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(4 reviews)
[texts]Picking Peaches Harry Langdon With Intertitles RMT - Harry Langdon
Harry Langdon in "Picking Peaches"
Keywords: Harry Langdon; Mack Sennett Bathing Beauty; 1924; Pathe; Hollywood 16mm
Downloads: 2
[movies]1931 Battle Creek Centennial Film - Edward Brigham, Jr. (1931)
In 1931, Edward Brigham, Jr., Kingman Museum curator, took his 16mm Kodak Cine Special and recorded sequences of the 3 hour centennial parade in Battle Creek. He then added sequences celebrating the area's other achievements - first rural delivery, farm equipment invention - and images surrounding the pioneer village re-creation on the city's east side.
Keywords: battle creek; centennial; edward brigham; 16mm; jim middleton; pioneer village
Downloads: 304
[movies]Jon Lybrook's Chronosynthesis - Act One of Three - Jon Lybrook
Chronosynthesis (or Life in Barrytown) in Three Acts was Jon Lybrook's senior project film for Bard College. Edited in 1989, 1996 and 2011 this experimental art film incorporates in-camera editing, animation and collaborative sound design. More artwork by Jon Lybrook at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vrx81-lSoog http://lytescapes.com/artinfo.htm
Keywords: Jon Lybrook; Chronosynthesis; Bard College; Psychedelic; 16mm; College Film; experimental film
Downloads: 32
[movies]Difficulty - Brook Hinton
Transmissions are sometimes brief, and not always clear. We recognize her. Is it a memory, or a communication? From Brook Hinton's found footage "seance" series, Trace Garden.
Keywords: 16mm; ghosts; found footage; seance; home movies; experimental film; experimental
Downloads: 575
[movies]The Note - electric children
A San Francisco State University and Electric Children production. A 16mm film by Jay Verheyen. www.electricchildren.com
Keywords: The Note; 16mm; film; San Francisco State University; Jay Verheyen; electric children
Downloads: 192
[movies]A Bay Excursion - Brook Hinton
We embarked on many excursions, some far away, some closer to home. This time it may have been uneventful, or something may have happened. It’s difficult to tell, and depends on who is telling. Episode 2 of Brook Hinton's found footage "seance" series, Trace Garden
Keywords: 16mm; boating; fishing; found footage; ghosts; seance; home movies; san francisco bay
Downloads: 351
[movies]Sixways Sideways - Raymond Salvatore Harmon
A live composition of celluloid improvisation using multiple projectors and dual-loop film masks of found footage. Silk worms, chromatic decay, hand wrought surface erosion, and shifting fields of focal depth. Shown August 19th, 2001 at the Chicago Underground Film Fest SPELLS FOR ALL OUR TROUBLES (shorts) "Harmon bends celluloid and projector to his whim once again in this special film performance with masks, loops, and a silk worm's primal dance....
Keywords: experimental; 16mm; avant garde; film; avant; occult; sex; light; psychedelic
Downloads: 1,068
[movies]All About Fire (16mm/Fire Safety Educational Film) - Farmhouse Films
This is a film called All About Fire, an animated safety film distributed in the 1980's by Pyramid Films. It features Murphy the cat, who comments disparagingly on his owners' moronic mishaps as regards fire safety. They collect burning cigarette butts after a party in paper bags, use coins to replace burnt electrical fuses in their breaker box, and leave open gas cans next to their heating unit with its open pilot light...
Keywords: fire safety; educational film; ephemeral film; safety film; 16mm; pyramid films; animation
Downloads: 15
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